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Running the thin line between coherent and incoherent thoughts.
Probably not going to post here much anymore... however you can pull my RSS feed from http://www.vegasnative.com/feed/ to your LJ if you still want to keep up on what I am doing. Fell free to vist my site http://www.vegasnative.com/ and request an account so that you can coment and read anything that isn't public. Cool? Cool!

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I am alive *yea*... for now. I fly out to Macau on Friday. Lets hope the water and food don't kill me.

Anyways... things have been EXTREEMLY BUSY... I know I keep saying I have been busy... but MAN! Ummm... lets see what has happened in the last few months:
90% staff turnover in my department group
Soon-to-be Godfather! WHOOT! >:D
Got older. :(
Got promoted! :)
Registered a few domains :)
Got an iPod :)
Soon to be flying 1/3 of the way around the world... into 'the future'

And best of all... becoming more comfortable with my life. (long story for another time)

So amongst the many projects I have put upon myself since the new year... one is my own website... second is my godchild's... third is my guild (WoW thingy).
All of which are severly under construction and are not progressing at the rate I would like.

I think I am going to be doing most of my update @ www.vegasnative.com
You can RSS it as soon as I get it working the way I like. Oh and minor details of some of the other projects are there.

P.S. - I tried to recruit some help but I think my email landed in his Junkmail folder. :(

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Basically not much has changed since the last time I mustered up an update. Things have been busy at work. Another person quit w/ his last day today. A major system broke and was a degraded status for the better part of two weeks which caused everyone to rotate through nasty schedules. Good news is that the system has returned to its previous status and setup prior to breaking. However we are looking into adjusting the setup so that it would be in a more stable situation. That only translates to another week in the sometime near future of screwed up schedules. But that is always expected when you work in IT.

My best friend was in town for a week. Kinda frustrated because I hat to work most of the time she was in town. And what time I wasn't working or hanging out with her, I was in a very distracted state. In other words... I made for a bad host.

Bla Bla Bla...

As some of you know... seriously crazy fan of Battlestar Galatica. And as with most things that I am hooked on... I get others hooked on it. Muhahahaha! If you liked Babylon 5... I am most certain you should like BSG. Even if you didn't like B5 you should like BSG. *waves hand like a Jedi* This IS the show you are looking for.

Watched Serenity, I think the second Saturday after release. It was good. I laughed through most of it. It is doing pretty good in the Box Office in spite of its narrow target audience. I think right now it is #12 w/ $22 million since release. I also watched the entire Firefly series. I liked that series as well... however (this is where the 'true fans' of Firefly groan) I think the construction of the story for the movie better than the series. Only thing I didn't really like, but I am sure there was a specific plan for it, was axing two of the major characters from the series. I am sure the two actors have since moved on and lost any desire to revisit the series, which is something I am hoping that happens. Word of suggestion... Hook up with USA Studios and have it release on the Sci Fi channel... they might play your stuff to death but they wont time slot hop you to death.

'And now a taste of what’s to come...'

Holidays are moving in fast... and of course everyone has Christmas stuff out long before Halloween has even come and gone. Depending on how things go... I am hoping to do some personal traveling for the holidays. Maybe even go to Georgia for one of them. We shall see.

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Yea... I am still alive. The last month pretty much just zipped by. We are currently short staffed... so I have been working a lot to do some odd shift coverage. And when I am not working my ass off I have been playing World of Warcraft. Very very fun game... played it in Beta and just now got back into it.
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Is that like fairly redundant? Anyways... weekend seemed ultra short... got some stuff done... and will write a more profound update later... hopefully when I am more inspired.

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Ok... so after much paint going everywhere, sweat, and aches... the hardest part is mostly over. The stairwell and most of the upstairs hallway is done. I hate egg shell white... now it is pure white... and the house is much brighter and alive with just that small of a change. I just need to touch up a couple of areas and the joints where the walls meet the ceiling. It could just be the shadows but I can see where the paint is thinner than the rest.

So after I get the main areas of the house painted I will go back and take care of things like fixtures... I need new wall scones for the stairwell... I hate those things that are on there now. Anyways... I have a huge list of things I want to do to make the house look really good. I think one thing I am going to do before too long is to install ceiling fans in the bedrooms.

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Yea... its my Friday! However, that means, if I am lucky, I have two full days off before I am going to end up working for about two weeks straight, wacked hours, till we find a replacement for one of our Systems Operational Specialists who transferred to another group. Needless to say I am going to be beat afterwards.

So what to do? Drink it up all weekend? Sleep? What? Bah... I can't afford to do much and I have so much stuff that needs to be done around the house.

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I have always had the do it yourself bug in me... but man... do I have to try the stuff that I could get a pro to do for just a little more than what I can do it myself? And it would be such less headache.

20 foot corner
The 20' high corner that I have to figure out how to paint... yea... not so much fun now.

Anyways... the biggest problem with all of this is that this isn't my house... it is a rental. And I am investing money to make this place look awesome... or as awesome as I can make it without some construction permit. But the way I think I convinced myself to do it was that I plan on living here for a while at least. So make the place look great to make me happy and take it as an investment into my sanity.

Other things I have done is mad the front lawn super green... or at least it is on its way there. Re-doing the back yard... and probably taking out all the rocks on the side yard and laying down brick. Fun Fun Fun! Of course this is where I say "Any volunteers?... I will feed you... and maybe even liquor you up." Who now a days doesn't work for food or alcohol? I know I do.

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Nerds make better lovers

Ready for a real relationship? Ditch the pretty boys and grab yourself a geek


Christina Aguilera recently traded in piercings for petticoats, apparently making the usual Marilyn Monroe morph. But there's more than meets the eye: Sure, she's blond, buxom and sweet-voiced now, but she's also emulating the classic bombshell in matters of the heart.

You see, Aguilera's fiance, like Monroe's husband, playwright Arthur Miller, is kind of a geek.

When Aguilera announced her engagement to smarty-pants music executive Jordan Bratman in February, the 24-year-old pop star demonstrated a tried-and-true dating trick. Geeks have got the goods.

Bratman, with his scrawny frame and oversize ears, has mastered the music industry at just 26 and is Romeo enough to have stolen Aguilera's heart (as well as inspired her new demure-coquette look).

"A nerd is an excellent provider and a guy who puts you first," says E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine's love and sex advice columnist. "He'll turn out to be a great father and a great husband."

And, she insists that a woman who is willing to stick it out with a nerd and get past his quirks will be handsomely rewarded. "Don't give up on him too fast," she said. "If you stick with him, he's going to turn out to be really great."

If Hollywood is any indication, then yes, he will. This month, reality TV celebrates geek love with two shows: Ashton Kutcher's "Beauty and the Geek," which pairs braniacs with bimbos for a "social experiment," and the latest installment of "Average Joe," in which a pretty girl woos not-so-studly dudes (airing on June 22).

On Fox's "The O.C.," the nerdy Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody) didn't just land the adorable Summer Roberts (Rachel Bilson) on TV - he managed to get the girl in real life, too. Bilson (and her character) managed to look past the slicked-down hair to find the witty guy beneath. Cohen's obsession with comic books? Her character deems it sweet. Brody's nasal drawl? Bilson doesn't seem to mind.

How can a savvy girl land a geek of her own? Spencer Koppel, a self-proclaimed geek who attends crossword-puzzle tournaments on weekends, has made it easy for girls with their eye on the prize with his "Geek to Geek" dating service, www.gk2gk.com.

Members can meet and select a perfect mate (guys with screen names like "thinkspecs" and "ivygrad") based on favorite board game and gadget instead of eye color, height and other categories the nerds might be lacking.

And according to Koppel, the pool is stocked with supreme sci-fi fans and accomplished intellects.

"I think geeks are more successful. They're happier in the work they do," Koppel said. "And they're pretty faithful people, because they're certainly grateful for anything they have."

When it comes to the between-the-sheets aspect of the relationship, Carroll agreed that a girl couldn't do much better than a less-than-perfect male specimen. "We've all been to bed with the guy who is worried about what he looks like, checking the mirror before he gets in bed," she said. "The nerd, gloriously, stunningly, perfectly, is into the woman. That right there is very stirring, sexually."

Tiger's purr-fect

It seems to be enough for the likes of goddess models and Hollywood A-listers. Tiger Woods has a geek-like drive for a stodgy sport, a fat bank account and Swedish model Elin Nordegren on his arm. David Arquette may not have the body of a Greek god, but he managed to land sexy former Friend Courteney Cox with his goofy humor and mismatched wardrobe.

For Scott Dennis, a 34-year-old teacher from Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, "geek" and "good guy" are synonymous - and he is both. Although some aspects of his personality make him what he called a "quintessential babe magnet" (former jock, drummer in a rock band), the real qualities that helped him land his girlfriend are the geeky ones.

"Do I know the difference between a knight and a pawn? Certainly," he says. "Am I familiar with the Four Move Checkmate? Well, maybe I am. ... But the truth is I'm a decent guy with diverse interests who actually offers authenticity in his relationships."

But to get to that authentic nerd, chic women have to be willing to embrace their own inner geek and accept the guy for who he is, chess trophies and all. The caveat to mating with a geek, as some dating experts see it, is coming to terms with his less-than-studly looks and less-than-suave demeanor. All thoughts of embarrassment have to go out the window.

Andrea Lavinthal, who co-authored (with Jessica Rozler) "The Hookup Handbook," a young woman's guide to navigating the waters of singlehood, says that being sure of your choice of guy is first and foremost.

"Girls tend to worry about what their friends are going to think," she said, "and you have to get over it. You can't always be making excuses and apologies. Give him the respect he deserves, and don't always be assuming you're better than him."

She also said that not all girls are ready for a full-on geek relationship right from the start. Her book has a chapter devoted to "The Snufalufagus Hookup," the one that every girl wishes her friends didn't know about, and that she at first tries to deny happened. "In many ways, it's the first foray into the nerdy guy thing," Lavinthal said. "You're attracted to him because he doesn't screw around. Sure, it's fun to make out with the hot bartender, but you're not going to marry him."

Not falling for the fakes

Koppel, however, warns that unserious girls who prowl his site looking for a breadwinner should use caution - his members may be geeky, but they sure aren't stupid. "I think geeks are intelligent enough to be wary of the idea that an attractive woman is interested in them," he said. "They aren't as drawn to beauty as they are to intelligence, and wouldn't just accept a ditz."

It takes the right kind of girl to love a nerd. Kate Hammer, an NYU student, said she's just that kind of girl. "I have been snagged by nerd charms," she said.

"My ex and I bonded over 'Star Trek,' and on our first date at an amusement park, my current boyfriend impressed me with his intricate understanding of the physics of roller coasters. He's a mechanical engineer."

For a modern girl who is far from ditzy, the geek could be the mate who brings security and a load of eclectic interests to the relationship. Even the once-naughty Aguilera managed to find a guy who defines devotion and doesn't compete to be the sexiest one in the relationship. Clearly, it's what a girl wants.

Originally published on June 9, 2005

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Ok... I know I have mentioned this one before... but I am excited! I had two people lined up to go... one was always an maybe... the other went from definately to a maybe.

Anyways... that means I either go alone or... I ask for voulenteers to go with. Basically it is me looking for someone to travel with... maybe split some of the expenses with like car (if we drive down), hotel, and other mutual expenses that may arise. So lemmie know you interested in going and we will see where it goes.

Oh... if you want to know about Street Scene... go here.

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